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Centro Nazionale Studi sul Jazz - Arrigo Polillo


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Centro Nazionale Studi sul Jazz - Arrigo Polillo

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The magazines are classified by name and year. To keep the magazine section up to date, the centre subscribes to major Italian and other magazines which can be consulted at the library. The magazines are: Musica Jazz (I), Jazzit (I), Downbeat (USA), Cadence (USA), Jazzwise (GB), Jazz Hot (F) and Jazz Magazine (F).
The library also has recent issues of Cuadernos de Jazz (ESP) and Jazzthetik (GER), providing a complete and up-to-date panorama of the international specialist press, unequalled by any other public or private library in Italy.
The index of the magazines in the library can be consulted on the website. For example, one can check whether a certain issue of Downbeat containing an article found in a reference list or in Grove, is available in the library.
Articles in foreign journals can be photocopied or scanned (for instructions contact the Centre).
Classification of paper documents is also underway; these include books, magazines and grey literature (programmes of festivals and concerts, catalogues, promotional material important for the history of jazz that lives more through performance than through written compositions).

List of magazines in the library