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Centro Nazionale Studi sul Jazz - Arrigo Polillo

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Oral history of Italian Jazz

This aim of this project, initiated by Siena Jazz in the 1990s, is to gather the memories of key figures in the history of Italian jazz, as recounted in a series of interviews to be kept in the archives of the Centro Studi Arrigo Polillo, available to researchers, journalists, scholars and the general public.
Musicians, journalists, organizers, jazz lovers, photographers, professionals and amateurs are interviewed using a common scheme that invites them to tell how they encountered jazz, the jazz scene at the time and how their relationship with jazz developed. Other prompts used to elicit memories include concerts and discs that changed their lives, professionalization of the impulse to play jazz, collaborations, activities and positive or negative experiences or events. The interviews, rendered lively by the personalities of the subjects, their different ways of recounting and disputes related to gut feeling for music, paint a fascinating picture, in which dance halls alternate with concert halls, passion with reason, analysis with bias.
Show-figures like Giorgio Gaber(scik) and Enzo Iannacci, musicians who went in other directions, professors of ethnomusicology, musicians from town bands, and leaders of orchestras enliven the tales, which are backed up by research to confirm names, dates and circumstances. The interviews give a broad view of the phases of the Italian jazz movement: swing and Liberty in the late 1940s, the Hot Club movement, the decline in popularity of jazz in favour of rock'n'roll and pop, intellectual cool, free jazz, 1968, the proliferation of festivals, Miles's "betrayal", jazz rock, the first independent labels and schools of jazz are some of the many threads emerging from the material collected.


Interview from 1979 to 2006

Giorgio Gaslini 05.05.1979 Carlo Verri
Gianluigi Trovesi 12.05.1979 Carlo Verri
Franco D’Andrea 05.04.1980 Carlo Verri
Massimo Urbani 26.05.1980 Carlo Verri
Piero Bassini 28/30.06.1980 Carlo Verri
Enrico Rava 12.09.1980 Carlo Verri
Larry Nocella 17.10.1980 Carlo Verri
Gianni Bedori 05.12.1980 Carlo Verri
Sergio Rigon 31.01.1981 Carlo Verri
Cesare Poggi 21.03.1981 Carlo Verri
Sante Palumbo 06.06.1981 Carlo Verri
Claudio Fasoli 11.06.1981 Carlo Verri
Attilio Zanchi 23.02.1985 Carlo Verri
Tino Tracanna 23.02.1985 Carlo Verri
Franco D’Andrea 23.02.1985 Carlo Verri
Alberto Nacci 11.07.1993 Carlo Verri
Franco Cerri Settembre-ottobre 1996 Carlo Verri
Marco Detto 13.05.2001 Carlo Verri
Tomaso Lama 02.07.2005 Carlo Verri
Gian Mario Maletto 10.09.2005 Carlo Verri
Antonio Berini 07.10.2005 Carlo Verri
Luis Agudo 16.10.2005 Carlo Verri
Paolo Padula 21.10.2005 Carlo Verri
Marcello Rosa 21.10.2005 Carlo Verri
Giampiero Boneschi 19.11.2005 Carlo Verri
Virgilio Savona 26.11.2005 Carlo Verri
Vittorio Castelli 02.02.2006 Carlo Verri
Pino Maffei 25.02.2006 Carlo Verri
Gianni Cazzola 11.03.2006 Carlo Verri
Sergio Veschi 25.03.2006 Carlo Verri
Mario Rusca 07.04.2006 Carlo Verri
Carlo Bagnoli 22.04.2006 Carlo Verri
Giorgio Gaslini 24.04.2006 Carlo Verri
Renato Sellani 06.05.2006 Carlo Verri
Luciano Milanese 13.05.2006 Carlo Verri
Laura Vanni 03.06.2006 Carlo Verri
Pino De Biasi 24.06.2006 Carlo Verri
Rita Marcotulli 24.06.2006 Carlo Verri
Gino Fortunato 02.07.2006 Carlo Verri
Alberto Alberti 25.07.2006 Carlo Verri
Ignazio Garsia 26.07.2006 Carlo Verri
Nicola Arigliano 26.07.2006 Carlo Verri
Cesare Marchini 27.07.2006 Carlo Verri
Renzo Arbore 02.08.2006 Carlo Verri
Giorgio Lombardi 21.08.2006 Carlo Verri
Claudio Lo Cascio 21.08.2006 Carlo Verri
Nunzio Rotondo 15.09.2006 Carlo Verri
Adriano Mazzoletti 13.10.2006 Carlo Verri
Paolo Piangiarelli 13.11.2006 Carlo Verri
Franco Mondini 01.12.2006 Carlo Verri
Giorgio Buratti 02.12.2006 Carlo Verri
Franco D’Andrea 20.01.2007 Carlo Verri
Gegè Munari 19.02.2007 Carlo Verri
Giorgio Rosciglione 26.02.2007 Carlo Verri
Graziano Tedeschi 03.03.2007 Carlo Verri
Giancarlo Schiaffini 17.03.2007 Carlo Verri
Ettore Zeppegno 23.03.2007 Carlo Verri
Amedeo Tommasi 14.04.2007 Carlo Verri
Giovanni Tommaso 15.04.2007 Carlo Verri
Lino Patruno 16.04.2007 Carlo Verri
Giorgio Azzolini 20.04.2007 Carlo Verri
Bruno Biriaco 21.05.2007 Carlo Verri
Marco Fumo 15.06.2007 Carlo Verri
Cesare Poggi 18.06.2007 Carlo Verri
Lucio Fumo 28.07.2007 Carlo Verri
Dino Piana 29.07.2007 Carlo Verri
Puccio Sboto 30.07.2007 Carlo Verri
Gianluigi Trovesi 31.07.2007 Carlo Verri
Enrico Pieranunzi 02.08.2007 Carlo Verri
Gianni Bergamelli 03.08.2007 Carlo Verri
Claudio Fasoli 02.11.2007 Carlo Verri
Bruno Tommaso 03.11.2007 Carlo Verri
Franco Fayenz 03.11.2007 Carlo Verri
Gianni Coscia 08.02.2008 Carlo Verri
Ennio Morricone 22.02.2008 Carlo Verri, Franco Caroni
Giulio Libano 19.05.2008 Carlo Verri
Bruno De Filippi 07.10.2008 Carlo Verri
Paolo Tomelleri 07.10.2008 Carlo Verri
Franco Ambrosetti 13.10.2008 Carlo Verri
Guido Mazzon 10.11.2008 Carlo Verri
Sergio Coppotelli 11.11.2008 Carlo Verri
Paolo Damiani 05.12.2008 Carlo Verri
Giuseppe Barazzetta 05.04.01 Franco Caroni, Francesco Martinelli, Andrea Angeli
Giancarlo Roncaglia n.d. Carlo Verri
Vittorio Franchini n.d. Carlo Verri
Riccardo Schwamenthal 22 09 05 Carlo Verri
Gianni Basso n.d. Francesco Martinelli
Guido Manusardi n.d. Francesco Martinelli
Franco Cerri n.d. Carlo Verri
Massimo Urbani 22.10.92 Maurizio Franco
Gaetano Liguori 1979 Carlo Verri
Tullio De Piscopo 10.06.97 Carlo Verri
Enrico Pieranunzi 20.05.92 Paolo Padula
Pietro Tonolo 20.05.92 Paolo Padula
Tony Scott n.d. Paolo Padula
Lucio Fumo 09.11.91 Paolo Padula
Pino Candini 09.11.91 Paolo Padula
Marcello Rosa 16.06.83 Paolo Padula
Aldo Romano 29.03.82 Paolo Padula
Giovanni Tommaso 01.12.89 Paolo Padula
Tiziana Ghiglioni 17.12.82 Paolo Padula
Alberto Corvini 18.11.82 Paolo Padula
Furio Di Castri 08.10.89 Paolo Padula
Enrico Pieranunzi 11.10.89 Paolo Padula
Gianni Coscia 08.11.89 Paolo Padula
Maurizio Giammarco 19.09.89 Paolo Padula
Enzo Pietropaoli 08.01.90 Paolo Padula
Rita Marcotulli 22.01.90 Paolo Padula
Mario Raja 25.10.89 Paolo Padula
Roberto Gatto 21.09.89 Paolo Padula
vari 22.05.93 Paolo Padula